Everything You Need to know about Suntheanine

suntheanineYou know that feeling when you are totally exhausted and stressed out and you feel like you’re on the edge of a panic attack? You get that feeling in your stomach that is something that just won’t go away. And the pressure. You’re not sure where it’s coming from, but it’s there and it’s relentless. If you’ve ever felt this way, then you know all too well what stress, anxiety and panic can feel like. It’s nothing to write home about, that’s for sure!

So what are some solutions? Go see a doctor? Get on a prescription? Sure, but that will cost an arm and a leg, especially if you don’t have insurance. There are some great natural stress relievers on the market and one of our favorites is Natural Factors Suntheanine.

What is Suntheanine?

Stress is a constant menace in the modern world. While technological advances may make our lives a lot easier than it was for our parents and grandparents, the constant struggle to get ahead at work or at school creates tremendous pressure, which many find unsustainable. That is that terrible feeling I described above. No one likes to feel that way.

So one of the things that works great for me is Suntheanine. Studies have shown that drinking green tea helps people relax. You’re probably thinking, what does this have to do with Suntheanine? Well, the presence of the amino acid L-theanine in green tea is said to induce relaxation and Suntheanine is nothing but the brand name under which L-theanine is sold in the market. Suntheanine is not extracted from green tea but is produced through a patented fermentation process that is very similar to that of green tea leaves. Suntheanine has a 100% concentration of the purest form of L-theanine which means less stress and anxiety for you.

How does Suntheanine reduce stress?

As we just mentioned, Suntheanine is a 100 percent concentration of L-Theanine, the natural stress reducer that is present in green tea. When we are relaxed, alpha waves are said to be emitted by the brain. Alpha waves cause us to be relaxed and alert. This is how Suntheanine L-Theanine functions to reduce stress in our daily lives – it stimulates alpha waves in the brain, which causes you to be relaxed and alert, but not excited or hyperactive. Taking 50 to 200 mg of Suntheanine a day sharpens the memory, makes you pick up things faster, learn better at school, sleep more soundly and reduce your overall nervousness. Suntheanine is also said to support the immune system and provide relief for premenstrual syndrome. It has really helped me feel better in so many ways and I LOVE that it is all natural.

Suntheanine ingredients

The most important ingredient contained in Suntheanine is of course, L-Theanine. Apart from this, Suntheanine also has organic cane sugar, xylitol, stearic acid, silica, natural fruit flavor (pineapple, banana, pomegranate, mango, and passion fruit), citric acid, and magnesium stearate (vegetable grade). Nothing too crazy…

Is Suntheanine Safe?

Yes. Suntheanine is safe and is approved by the FDA. The GRAS Affirmation (Generally Recognized as Safe) of Suntheanine received confirmation from the US FDA in 2007 for its use in a number of food and beverage categories (GRN 000209). Suntheanine has been found to be safe after several clinical tests and toxicology and efficacy studies. While many other stress reducing products cause you to become drowsy, Suntheanine does not – you remain in an alert state after having Suntheanine.

Is Suntheanine Popular?

Yes, indeed! It’s definitely popular among my friends and family! I have recommended it to so many people who have experienced the same great results I have. Suntheanine is not a new product, but has been around since 1994, and has been used in food and beverages since then. There have been no serious complaints of any side effects. Suntheanine was presented with the “Food Ingredient Research Award” at the 1998 Food Ingredients Europe and “Best New Product of 2000″ at Nutracon. Suntheanine has over 40 U.S. and international patents to its credit. There are several products in the market for reducing stress, sharpening memory, restoring mental calmness and so on, that use Suntheanine.

How does Suntheanine compare with other products in the market?

A study conducted by researchers at Iowa State University has found that L-theanine must be administered in its purest form rather than as a mixture of D-theanine and L-theanine found in many nutritional supplements in order to be absorbed by the body.

Another study was conducted by Dr. Daniel Armstrong, Professor of Chemistry at Iowa State University, in which his team of researchers studied a number of brands that claimed to contain pure L-theanine. The results of their findings reveal that a majority of these brands contained ingredients other than L-theanine.

Explains Dr. Caldwell: “We found all of those tested that are made through chemical synthesis or claiming to be extracted from green tea actually have about 50 per cent present as D-theanine. The only material that proved to be pure L-theanine was the Suntheanine® brand, produced via biofermentation, which had more than 99.95 per cent L-theanine, our current detection limit”.

The point is, for maximum effect, always go for the Natural Factors Suntheanine brand that contains 100% concentrated L-Theanine for mental calmness and stress reduction. Trust me, you’ll be so glad you did and you can get a 30 day supply for less than 50 cents a day (with free shipping!) at the link below!

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